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Hispanic Heritage Celebration & El Grito

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Friday, September 13, 2019: 5:30 – 9:00 PM

Springfield City Hall: 225 5th Street, Springfield, OR 97477

5:30 – 6:30 Mariachi Monumental

5:50 – 6:30 Ballet Folclórico Tlanese

6:30 – 7:00 Ceremony for Hispanic Heritage & El Grito

7:00 – 7:10 Peruvian Folk Dance

7:10 – 7:20 Verse and Tap-dance by Eliborio Limón

7:20 – 7:50 Salsa Dancing with Azúcar Community Group

7:50 – 9:00 Open dance floor

Mariachi Monumental Calavera

Mariachi Monumental represents the best in musicianship and includes a wide repertoire of traditional Mexican music to brighten all types of public and private events. Mariachi Monumental is thrilled to participate at the Hispanic Heritage and El Grito Celebration on September 13 in Springfield.

Ballet Folclórico Tlanese

Ballet Folclórico Tlanese is part of Casa de la Cultura Tlanese in Salem. Aside from folkloric ballet classes, the organization offers several programs in culture, and traditions, including music classes, for which the team is always improving technically and professionally. Ballet Folclórico Tlanese is pleased to participate at the Hispanic Heritage and El Grito event.

Marinera Puneña

The dancers Paloma Laguna and Alex Berrocal represent the Marinera Puneña, originally from the city of Puno, Peru. Residents of Eugene for two years, they both share the same passion for the Andean Culture. Marinera and Pandilla Puneña is a mestizo dance originally from the city of Puno (Peru), which is practiced throughout Peru, it has a slow, but cheerful rhythm, and is danced during the time of Carnivals. This dance originated during the time of the colony, according to the records of the National Institute of Culture in Puno, it has its formal origin in the year 1907. It formally begins in the city of Puno. Paloma and Alex will be at the Hispanic Heritage and El Grito event on September 13.

Azúcar Community Group

Azúcar Community Group is dance team directed by Vito Garcia. Azúcar's mission is to spread the joy of Rueda de Casino, a Cuban Salsa dancing style. They offer community classes, events, fundraisers and dance performances.

Eliborio Limón

Eliborio Limón has 25 years of folk dance experience with groups from the Fresno, California area. He danced and taught for the San Joaquin Valley Mestizo Dance Company for more than 9 years. In February 2019, Eliborio ventured to Eugene with the hope of creating a dance group to capture and express Mexican culture. In collaboration with Jaime and Mary, who lead the Son Jarocho group in Eugene, Raíces de Oregon is in the process of growing in the Eugene and Springfield area to teach and reconnect the community with Mexican culture.

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